METKIM FOUNDRY casts GS-GX-X-GG-GGG components according to their original sample or technical drawing by producing prototypes with economical prices initially.
METKIM FOUNDRY serves diverse customers over a wide variety of industry  such as: machine parts, electrical equipment, valve production and marine services.
METKİM FOUNDRY services different markets;
Cement Market:
• Cooling plates from W.N: 1.4848 , 1.4823 , 1.4837 , 1.4826.
• Milling plates from W.N: 1.3401 , GX270Cr28, 16-18 Mn, 2,2Cr.
• Clinker Hammers from 1.3401 , 61CrSİV5 and abrasive resistant Nİ-Hard casting.
Petrochemical Market:
• corrosion resistant steels AISI 304 – AISI 316 and Nİ-Resist Iron Casting.
• Heat resistant steels AISI 309 – AISI 310.
Steel & Iron using Market:
• Grate Bars W.N = 1.4777 or 1.4776 .
• Crane roller  GS60 or SAE 1340 .
Auto and Construction Industry:
• GGG pieces.
General Purposes:
• High manganes steel as Hadfield or Mangan-Hard Stahlguss.
• Abrasion Resistant Steel.
• GG components as machine bodies, flywheels, roller, agricultural parts, etc.
Some of the components manufactured in our company are listed below:
Cooling grates and Plates, Refractory Brick Holders, crushing Hammers, Wear Resistant Plates, Chain link, Gears, Gear boxes, Anhydrous knife, Chain link, Bracket, Caster bracket, Chain cutter, Chains, Claw, Digger tip, Divert arm, Double Pants, Drag chain link, Gear, grate bars, Hammers, Handle, Hook, Load divider, Motor bracket, Pedestal container, Pump cover, Rear divert arm, Rooter pocket, Shiffer fork, Smooth teeth, Spider, steering bracket, Swivel top, Wear Plates.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Metkim Metalurji Döküm Sanayi
Merkez: +0216 353 7541 - 374 2337 / Fabrika: 0262 642 93 39 - 646 46 47